Russia & Ukraine, SCOTUS & Social Media, Sussmann Acquittal, Guns, Heard-Depp, Katz Firing

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Mike & Jay open with a discussion of where we’re at 100 days after Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine. Jay is optimistic, and much more so than he was in the early days. Mike largely agrees but is concerned that the pro-Ukraine alliance is beginning to show signs of fraying and might not hold up in the long run, especially in tough economic times.

Next, they discuss the social media laws passed by Texas and Florida and the Supreme Court’s recent 5-4 decision to temporarily halt Texas’ law. Mike sees these laws as blatantly unconstitutional on multiple grounds, while Jay points out that some of the reasoning used in defense of the laws isn’t all that far-fetched.

After that they look at the acquittal of Democratic attorney Michael Sussman, who was indicted by Special Counsel Robert Durham for making false statements to the FBI. Mike thinks it was the right verdict, but also points out that there’s often a significant difference between wrongdoing and wrongdoing that can be successfully prosecuted. Jay agrees, though he tends to be less skeptical of Deep State narratives surrounding the Trump-Russia story than Mike is.

Then it’s more on guns in the wake of yet another mass shooting. This time, Mike attempts to better understand strongly pro-gun, anti-government people by making the best argument he can for more guns and fewer regulations. Jay responds by critiquing Mike’s argument with what he sees as the strongest pro-regulation points.

They wrap things up with stories that involve free speech, the #MeToo movement, and social justice: The Johnny-Depp / Amber Heard trial and the firing of tenured Princeton Professor Joshua Katz.

Jay’s Recommendation
Fear of a Setting Sun. Dennis Rasmussen

Two Songs Mike Would Use For His Campaign Theme
Everybody Knows. Leonard Cohen
American Idiot. Green Day

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