PG105: Senate Health Bill, Special Election, Russia Sanctions

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This week, Mike and Jay start things off by talking about health care bill unveiled by Senate Republicans. Mike sees it as a nearly trillion dollar tax cut financed by draconian cuts to Medicaid, whereas Jay believes it may help by giving states more authority and halting what he sees as unsustainable Medicaid cost growth.

Then it’s a look at the Georgia special election, where Democrat Jon Ossoff narrowly lost to Republican Karen Handel. Mike says Democrats shouldn’t overreact because Democrats have over performed in all four of the special elections held to elect replacements for Trump administration officials formerly serving in the House. Jay points out that a loss is a loss, and Democrats are 0-4.

After that, they discuss Russia sanctions, both new sanctions unveiled by the Trump administration and a Senate bill – passed by a vote of 98-2 – calling for tougher sanctions and making it harder for the president to reverse sanctions.

What Jay’s Reading
The Last Battle for Democracy in Venezuela (WSJ – paywall)

What Mike’s Reading
The Brookings Cafeteria (podcast)

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One thought on “PG105: Senate Health Bill, Special Election, Russia Sanctions”

  1. It seems the 2 “no” votes on sanctions were from Ryan and Sanders. Sanders disliking the Iran sanctions as possibly jeopardizing the Obama Iran deal, and
    Rand disliking the Russia sanctions as unnecessary “nose tweaking” given that everyone does this kinda spying and it’s up to the US to improve its own cyber security to defend against China etc.

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