PG 118: Trump’s UN Speech, The Escalating Nomenclature of North Korea and the United States, Facebook and Drudge go Russian, and the Alabama Primary

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This week Trey explains how hurricane Irma had him evacuate the state of Florida and offer thanks to all the listeners who inquired about his family and home. Then Trey and Jay turn to politics and the week’s biggest story: Trump’s United Nations speech. Trey, despite himself, was a bit impressed, but Trey and Jay disagree over the bigger implications of the speech. Most pointedly, they debate whether the Republican Party has given up on classical liberalism as an economic policy. Next they move to the escalating war of words between Trump and Kim Jong-un. Jay argues that we cannot have another cold war future and Trey offers a bit of caution to the rhetoric. After that they tackle the news that Facebook was being used by Russians for advertising purposes during the election and that Matt Drudge consistently linked to Russian propaganda. Finally Trey and Jay turn to the Alabama primary and Trump’s unique endorsement before explaining why they didn’t talk health care.

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