Afghanistan, Vaccine Mandates, The House Narcissist Caucus, Eviction Moratorium

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Mike and Ken open the show with a discussion of the situation in Afghanistan. Ken believes the withdrawal has gone very well all things considered, but is at least open to the argument that withdrawing might not have been the right call. Mike is similarly conflicted about withdrawing, but feels that the Biden administration has botched the withdrawal.

After that they turn to FDA approval of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine and what it might mean for future vaccine mandates. Neither Mike nor Ken things we’ll see a surge of public sector mandates unless there’s a significant upswing in the COVID death toll. Mike wonders if it might be possible for President Biden to essentially mandate vaccines in higher education by cutting federal funds (including student loan money) to institutions that don’t comply.

Following that is discussion of the  $3.5 trillion budget blueprint passed by the House. It’s being called a victory of sorts for Democratic moderates, but Ken sees it as a PR win for what he terms the “House Narcissist Caucus”. Mike emphasizes the sweeping nature of the budget proposal and his general approval of all that it seeks to do. Both Mike and Ken expect a slimmed down version of the proposal, along with the bipartisan infrastructure bill, to end up on President Biden’s desk before too long.

Finally, Mike & Ken discuss the Supreme Court’s ruling that the CDC exceeded its authority in declaring an eviction moratorium. They both disagree with the ruling, but Ken in particular sees at least some merit in the majority’s opinion.

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2 thoughts on “Afghanistan, Vaccine Mandates, The House Narcissist Caucus, Eviction Moratorium”

  1. Ken’s comment on the last show about what Biden could have done differently in the Afgan extraction are a disgrace. One of the great things about the show is that for the most part your panelist lean one way but are not afraid to admit when something about their side has gone wrong. The week before you admitted that the extraction was a disaster and Biden would have a touch time recovering from it. Ken’s unwillingness to see anything impartially, to me, means that he does not fit on the show. I hate to think what is taught in his classroom. Certainly not a “make up your own mind” philosophy.

    The type of comments Ken made in this show are the direct opposite of why I listen to the show.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. While I disagree with Ken on his assessment of the withdrawal, I’d point out that this wasn’t so much an issue of his not wanting to be impartial, but to a different perspective. Again, I think Ken is dead wrong on his evaluation of the withdrawal, but I hesitate to conclude that anyone with whom I disagree – even if it’s a strong disagreement – is hopelessly biased. – Mike

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