Abortion Ruling, Texas Voting Law, Afghanistan

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This week, Mike & Jay start off by discussing the Supreme Court’s refusal to halt Texas’ new abortion law, the strictest in the nation. They both agree that the law has serious constitutional problems, but Jay believes the majority got the ruling right, and that the correct course is to let things play out in the lower courts. Mike sees this as the Court’s conservatives (minus Chief Justice Roberts) allowing a blatantly unconstitutional law to go into effect.

The focus stays on Texas for a look at the state’s new voting law. Mike takes issue with a number of provisions that he believes will suppress likely Democratic votes and have little to connection to election security. Jay thinks that the law is mostly a good thing, pointing out that many of the provisions being rolled back were only put in place in response to the pandemic.

They close with a discussion of Afghanistan. Mike points out that there’s something to President Biden’s argument about how difficult it is to withdraw in the face of enemy forces, and says that some Americans would have been left behind initially in almost any withdrawal scenario. Jay doesn’t disagree, but argues that this reality wasn’t initially acknowledged by President Biden, and that he broke his promise that the US would stay in Afghanistan until all Americans who wanted out of the country got out.

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