Allan Lichtman on Repeal The Second Amendment

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Trey talks with Allan Lichtman, a Distinguished Professor of History at American University and author of many books including on impeaching Trump and on the keys to the White House. In this episode they discuss Allan’s latest book Repeal the Second Amendment: The Case for a Safer America

Topics Trey and Allan Discuss include:

  • What compelled him to write such a provocative book (and provocative title)
  • What the framers actually meant by the second amendment
  • The likelihood of truly repealing the second amendment
  • The usefulness of repeal in making actual gun policy
  • The power of the NRA over gun policy
  • The shift in the meaning of the second amendment
  • An open invitation to debate the NRA on the second amendment
  • Data on gun violence and gun control
  • What kind of gun control may help society

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