Justice Department Independence, NH Primary, Bernie and a Democratic Socialist President

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After a big announcement about some significant changes to the podcast, Mike and Jay turn to a discussion of the independence and integrity of the Justice Department and its leader, Attorney General William Barr. Mike attempts to understand Barr based on his views of executive authority, which Mike believes are wrongheaded. Jay, on the other hand, thinks that Barr is absolutely right about sweeping executive authority. One thing Mike and Jay agree on is that President Trump’s tweets about ongoing Justice Department cases make it very difficult for Barr to convince people that the department is acting with integrity.

After that, they turn to the New Hampshire primary and the state of the Democratic race. Mike argues that it’s far too soon for anyone to panic, though Jay thinks that some panic might be appropriate for Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. With Bernie Sanders emerging as an early frontrunner, the Guys next discuss what a Sanders presidency might look like, and whether or not Democratic Socialism is something to be applauded or shunned.

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