Trump’s Pardons, Mike Bloomberg, What to Look for in a Presidential Candidate

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This week, Mike and Kristin first take on the issue of pardoning. They discuss Trump’s most recent 11 pardons and commutations. Mike’s concern is rooted in who President Trump has pardoned – largely his political friends and allies. Kristin brings up historical pardoning to these ends, as well as the First Step Act in relation to Mike’s point that Trump could be doing much more for overlooked nonviolent offenders. On a broad scale, they also discuss the Founding Fathers’ original intentions when creating the power of pardoning and whether this deserves a second look, as we seem to have drifted from these intentions over time.

Next, Mike and Kristin give their impressions of the Democratic Debate that took place in Nevada (ahead of the Nevada Caucuses) this past week. Mike elaborated on his impressions as a Democratic voter, the factors he feels are most important for voters to consider, and the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. Kristin also gave her impressions about candidate strategy. In the end, Mike said that he wasn’t sure who he’d cast his primary vote for, but that he’d let the audience know soon.

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