Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation, Supreme Court & the Census, Hunter Biden’s Laptop

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On this week’s show, Mike and Kristin discuss the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett. They also discuss SCOTUS approval of the Trump Administration’s bid to strike down lower court rulings that extended time to collect responses for the 2020 Census. Additionally, they take on the recent Hunter Biden news stories that emerged this week, as well as related topics such as responsible journalism.

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2 thoughts on “Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation, Supreme Court & the Census, Hunter Biden’s Laptop”

  1. How is it that hunter biden’s laptop is a non issue to mike, but the russia investigation into trump was damning? For open, honest debate your bias and blind spots are clear. If you can’t be open to your parties clear misconduct why should I listen to your criticism of my party? Hunter Biden sold access to the white house to the highest bidder, and Mike says it would be criminal not to do it. Disgusting

    1. Thanks for commenting. I try my best to evaluate all accusations – regardless of party – on their merits. I was absolutely in favor of Attorney General Barr opening an investigation into how the FBI and broader intelligence community handled the Trump / Russia investigation, for example. But in this instance, there doesn’t seem to be much there. I’ve been following this story, and it seems that there are two main allegations. The first is that Joe Biden used his role in the Obama administration to help a company his son was on the board of. This doesn’t hold water because what Biden and the Obama administration did was the opposite of that. The latest allegation – which came out after we recorded this episode – is that after he left office, Joe Biden was somehow involved in dealings with a Chinese company. As he was a private citizen at that point, I’m not sure how this is a scandal even if it’s true, aside from Biden lying about not talking to his son about his son’s business dealings. And so there just doesn’t seem to be much there and that, combined with very shoddy reporting on the part of the NY Post and the timing of the release makes me highly skeptical. Should additional information come out that suggests otherwise, I’ll reconsider and potentially change my position. – Mike

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