Ask The Politics Guys: Election Questions

This week’s Ask The Politics Guys looks at two election-related questions. The first question – submitted by Alex, from Sandy, UT – is whether ranked-choice voting (sometimes called ‘instant runoff voting)) is a good idea.

The second question is whether the Electoral College – which will have made the popular vote loser the president in two of the last five elections – should be done away with.

4 thoughts on “Ask The Politics Guys: Election Questions”

  1. Hey Politics Guys,

    This is the Op-Ed that might have inspired this discussion. It is the Deseret News which is prominent in Utah and the question was submitted by someone in Utah.

    I personally like the idea. Probably one of the only times I have disagreed with Jay. I think it would help other parties to get their ideas better represented and increase voter turnout. I still think we should keep the electoral college though for all the reasons Jay mentioned. I think If Republicans lost elections due to it they would be advocating to get rid of it and Democrats would be praising it.

    I’ve loved the podcast lately, especially the interview with Bryan Caplan and you and Jay disagreeing more often than normal and highlighting the differences in your guys thinking but still being civil. Keep up the good work!

  2. I understand Mike’s concerns and views about the electoral college and, were I a liberal, I might support him, but I don’t. IMO, the electoral college protects the small states from the tyranny of the big states, by design I think, and forces politicians running for president to appeal to all voters, not only to those in the more populous states. Without the college, the country would be ruled forever by CA an NY, and a smattering of other left-leaning states. I’m not sure that would be “fair,” either.

    1. Hi Joe – thanks for commenting! I’m pleased to say that I have an interview scheduled with someone from the National Popular Vote organization, and I’ll be sure to question him about this, as well as a bunch of other objections to NPV. My guess is that the interview should air sometime later this month or in early January. – Mike

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