Ask The Politics Guys: Is the U.S. A Flawed Democracy?

This week our question comes from Julia in Hamburg, Germany, who asks whether the American political system is in a state of erosion, if America will soon be a ‘flawed democracy’, and why the heck we don’t care more about gridlock in our political system.

3 thoughts on “Ask The Politics Guys: Is the U.S. A Flawed Democracy?”

  1. How the hell can you havr this discussion without talking about the influence of money on politics? Does the average American have the same opportunity to have their voice heard as Koch or Soros?

    Also, not a fan of the idea that because the democracy used to be worse and women and blacks werent allowed to vote, we should hold it to a lower standard. Especially when, in my opinion at least, poor people have been heavily disenfranchised.

    1. I agree that the manner in which elections are funded is a huge problem for our democracy, and I’m hoping we’ll be able to do a special show or interview on that in the near future.

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