AZ Abortion Law, Student Loan Debt, Trump on Trial

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Mike and Jay open with a look at the ruling by the Arizona Supreme Court upholding a near-total ban on abortions passed in 1864. They consider the legal reasoning behind the decision, what’s likely to happen next, and how they see it playing out politically, particularly in light of Donald Trump’s recent announcement that he believed abortion rights should be left up to the states.

Next, they discuss the latest Biden administration efforts to forgive student loan debt. Mike and Jay disagree as to whether the moves are legally and constitutionally permissible, but they do agree that the current system of higher education funding needs major reform – though they favor very different paths for that reform.

They close by discussing the many delays in legal proceedings involving Donald Trump, the seriousness of the cases against him, political bias, and what the voters should know before they vote in November.

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One thought on “AZ Abortion Law, Student Loan Debt, Trump on Trial”

  1. this was really good, but they are all really good. i particularly appreciated the explanation of what was going on in Arizona.

    Also, just before i listened to this i listened to the NYT daily about Trump’s delay tactics and found it to be like so many leftish presentations ….. Trump hands them the lighter fluid, they dump in on their heads, and set it afire and start running around. I can’t vote for Trump, but believe the justice department has been weaponized against him just as the left fears he will do. keep up the good work

    lon smith michigan


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