Biden Defiant, Presidential Immunity, Overturning 1/6 Convictions

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Mike and May open with a discussion of the fallout from President Biden’s debate performance, including his defiant (and some would say delusional) determination to stay in the race and beat Donald Trump. May thinks the Democrats should have seen this coming and doesn’t expect them to force Biden out, while Mike holds out hope that the mounting pressure from party leaders and donors will end up with Biden stepping aside.

Following that they turn to the Supreme Court’s ruling on presidential immunity. May believes that the majority got it right, and while Mike doesn’t disagree, he feels that they went too far.

They close by considering the Court’s ruling that one of the charges a number of January 6th defendants were convicted on was improperly applied to them. Both Mike and May agree with the ruling, and note the somewhat unusual alignment of the justices, with one of the Court’s conservatives joining the liberals in dissent, and one of the liberals siding with the conservative majority.

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