Biden’s Citizenship Pathway, Moore v United States, Gonzalez v Trevino, United States v Rahimi, Bump Stock Ban Blocked

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Trey & Ken open by delving into President Biden’s proposed path to citizenship for undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens, analyzing its potential impacts and political ramifications. Trey argues the timing is a political bone to the left in the wake of his tougher border policies.

Next, they tackle the implications of three major Supreme Court cases. In the first, Moore v. United States, upholding foreign asset taxing, Trey and Ken agree with the majority but Trey disagrees with the policy implications of a wealth tax. In the second, Gonzalez v. Trevino, both Trey and Ken agree that reigning in some protection for police officers is important. Still, Ken argues that all the justices would change their votes if it were applied to former president Trump. In the third, United States v. Rahimi, they discuss the upholding of the Second Amendment’s constitutionality for those under domestic violence orders.

Lastly, they explore the Senate’s recent blockage of the Democratic-led bump stock ban by Senate Republicans. Trey argues Republicans are simply using it as a political tool for the upcoming election and hopes afterward a ban will be possible.

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