Binyamin Appelbaum on The Economists’ Hour

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Mike talks with Binyamin Appelbaum, who writes about economics and business for the editorial page of the New York Times. From 2010 – 2019 he was a Washington correspondent for the Times, covering economic policy in the aftermath of the 2008 crisis. They discuss his recently released book: The Economists’ Hour.

After the interview, Jay joins Mike to provide a conservative perspective.

Topics Mike & Binyamin discuss include:

  • why markets are wonderful
  • Keynesianism, monetarism, and supply side economics
  • the massive influence of Milton Friedman
  • fine-tuning the economic machine
  • balancing unemployment and inflation
  • the shifting value of a human life
  • why we shouldn’t reinstate 20th century financial regulations
  • President Trump’s ‘turtle shell nationalism’
  • defending Alan Greenspan
  • and lots more!

Binyamin Appelbaum’s NYT Columns

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