Brooklyn Shooting, New NATO Members, Oklahoma Abortion Ban, Tax Policy, Pakistani Espionage?

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Trey & Ken open the show with a discussion of Frank James arrest. Big topics include the nature of his arrest, discussion of crime trends in the U.S., the role of weapons in crime trends, and the political ramification of those trends.

That’s followed by Oklahoma’s newly passed abortion ban. The ban, which has no exceptions, was followed by Kentucky’s. Trey & Ken discuss the future of privacy and abortion in the U.S. and the problems facing lawmakers in addressing in and what the Supreme Court is likely to do next.

After that Trey & Ken talk about the reaction from Russia from Finland and Sweden considering NATO membership. The likelihood of the Senate to make such a treaty change, plus conversations about the most recent sinking of a ship in the Black Sea.

Then the pair talk about America’s tax policy, why it isn’t as progressive as it seems, and why Trey doesn’t think liberals get it. Last the pair discuss the humorous possibility of espionage in Washington DC.

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