Bruce Ackerman on Revolutionary Constitutions

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Mike talks with Bruce Ackerman, Sterling Professor of Law and Political Science at Yale. Dr. Ackerman is one of the world’s preeminent scholars in the area of comparative constitutional law, with his ideas having been the basis for constitutional reforms in multiple countries. He’s the author of 19 books, the most recent of which is Revolutionary Constitutions: Charismatic Leadership and the Rule of Law.

Topics Mike and Dr. Ackerman discuss include:

  • how regime change happens
  • charismatic leaders and movements
  • if the US Supreme Court should look to other high courts for guidance
  • major constitutional revolutions in American history
  • FDR and the constitutional revolution that wasn’t
  • Ronald Reagan and the strategy of transformative appointment
  • the anti-constitutionalism of Donald Trump
  • why the 2020 election is so critical

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