Can Capitalism Save The Planet?

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Kimberly Weir, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Northern Kentucky University and co-host of Sustainable Planet talks with Akshat Rathi, award-winning senior reporter for Bloomberg News and the host of Zero, a climate-solutions podcast for Bloomberg Green and author of Climate Capitalism: Winning the Race to Zero Emissions and Solving the Crisis of Our Age.

Topics Kimberly & Akshat discuss include:

  • How a misinformed campaign marketing slogan about ‘clean coal’ led Akshat into the year-long pursuit of uncovering the truth about climate technology
  • Why economists feel the way to address climate change is to put a price on carbon
  • How to achieve negative carbon emissions since zero emissions alone isn’t enough
  • Why, when it comes to electric cars, you’ve never heard of Wan Gang, though Elon Musk is a household name
  • Why the very industries that created lithium-ion batteries, solar cells, and carbon capture and storage are so resistant to employing that technology
  • How private capital from billionaires like Bill Gates and anyone with a 401K plan is a key part of pursuing climate technology
  • That climate justice is both ethically the right path but also reaps global economic benefits
  • The need to shift from ‘shareholder’ to ‘stakeholder’ if we’re going to meet the less-ambitious Paris Conference climate change goals

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