Ukraine Aid, TikTok Ban, Campus Protests

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After some brief comments on the ongoing criminal trial of Donald Trump, Mike and Jay discuss the Ukraine aid package, considering how it got to the floor, what it says about the Republican Party, and the arguments against extending more aid to Ukraine.

Next, they turn to the recently passed TikTok ban, which would require parent company ByteDance to either sell the company to an approved buyer within a year or no longer be able to do business in the United States. Both Mike and Jay are skeptical of the constitutional arguments against the ban and think there are solid national security reasons for the legislation.

They close with a look at the growing pro-Palestine demonstrations on college campuses across the country. Mike is more sympathetic to the protestors’ viewpoint than Jay is, but they both support reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions on students’ (and non-student protestors) exercise of speech.

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