Coronavirus Pandemic Response & How Moderate is Joe Biden, Anyway?

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Mike and Kristin discuss the many political and policy implications of the Coronavirus pandemic. They begin with a synopsis of the past week and a review of Trump’s address and press conference, the takeaways, the stock market rebound, and their thoughts. Then, they weigh some of the deeper policy issues that this crisis has dredged up – public health funding, emergency preparedness, paid sick leave, and government embracing big tech. They also discuss how moments like this often have lasting effects on culture, and vice versa.

Finally, Mike and Kristin turn to the Democratic Primary and have a conversation about Biden and whether he is a “moderate” or a “progressive”.

Nick Shabazz (the YouTube knife guy Mike recommended)

Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup (Kristin’s book recommendation)

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