COVID in the White House, Stimulus Bill, Michigan Governor Kidnap Plot

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Mike and Jay talk about the President’s health–or lack thereof. What we know, what we don’t know, and what happens next.  Then, we’re dealin’ on a stimulus package!  Mike wants it passed now, and Jay explains that’s just not how things work.  Then, Mike and Jay agree that kidnapping governors is a bad idea.

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2 thoughts on “COVID in the White House, Stimulus Bill, Michigan Governor Kidnap Plot”

  1. Very interesting podcast guys. I’m glad that there can be civil bi-partisan discussion, which seems to be extremely rare nowadays. When it comes to what Michael was saying about Republicans having higher cases of Covid, I would argue that this is completely because of their resistance to social distancing and mask wearing. With what we saw with how Mitt Romney was treated after going against Trump, it has become quite evident that the current GOP (as in, Republican elected officials) has become the party of Trump, with the mentality of his way or the highway. This has had quite large lasting effects throughout the nation, with many Republican officials downplaying the virus to keep in step with the president. Outside of that, I do believe that conservative beliefs have influenced their response to Covid, especially the libertarian leaning “don’t tread on me” side. The belief that the national government should not being able to force an individual to do something (I’m obvious speaking in very general terms with this) is something unique to Republicans, and I would argue that this belief has impacted Covid response. Many have argued that wearing a mask is “controlling,” which I believe sprouts from this distrust of federal power. I am not trying to paint Republicans as one thing or another, however I believe your discussion somewhat neglected the fact that their beliefs and the current Trump Zeitgeist have played a huge roll in more Republicans getting sick with the virus.

    In terms of the relief package, I really found your conversation interesting. I agree with Michael that we really should stop throwing up our hands and telling ourselves that “that’s how things are” when it comes to legislature. The country needs more Covid relief, and most every other first world country has much further reaching Covid recovery funds. Really, to me at least, the solution to this issue (and to better Covid response) is to not settle for the status quo and to vote up and down the ticket. The country is in its current state because most people have been dissuaded from voting, and see it as something which they cannot effect. This leads to the party gridlock we are in, for we need new, motivated politicians to actually represent the people once again. Really, the hope is that this year will have more people voting. Vote by mail is a huge thing, especially because it finally lets people voice their opinions without having to take off work or wait in a line all day. It is very important that people vote and do so safely. Although we’re only a few weeks out from election day, there is still time to register to vote, and to check one’s status for vote by mail. If anyone is curious about this, I’ve found this simple, quick tool to do so

    Again, really interesting conservation guys. It’s very refreshing to hear political discourse which is not based around strawmen and finger pointing. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks for the kind words about the podcast as well as your interesting and thoughtful comments (with which I just happen to agree ?) – Mike

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