DeSantis & COVID, Senate’s $3.5 Trillion Budget, Legislative Politics

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On this week’s show, Mike and Kristin talk about the politics of COVID, FL Gov. DeSantis and his latest executive orders, and the latest vaccine studies. They also discuss the Senate’s passage of the $3.5T budget proposal and objections from the GOP and moderate Democrats as the proposal will face scrutiny later this year.

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One thought on “DeSantis & COVID, Senate’s $3.5 Trillion Budget, Legislative Politics”

  1. It is disappointing to hear Kristin (sorry don’t know your last name, no disrespect to the PhD intended) repeat debunked “facts” like “the efficacy of the vaccine is controversial” over and over again. It’s really not. The science has evolved (i.e. we have learned new things) and the VIRUS has evolved, in large part because we keep letting it rip through our population. There are people who don’t believe the science, but the science is not controversial. I’m glad that Jay said as much, but way too much time was spent discussing whether or not vaccines and masks can slow down the virus, which shouldn’t be up for serious debate.

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