Disney & Florida GOP, Musk & Twitter, Russia & Ukraine, Title 42

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Mike, Jay, and Trey open the show with an extended discussion of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law, Disney’s response to it, and Florida’s state government retaliation. They get into what the law actually says, whether Disney was violating unwritten rules of lobbying by coming out against the law after it had passed, if the state was right to retaliate against Disney for doing so, and if Florida’s retaliation might be an unconstitutional restriction of speech.

After that, the Guys consider Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, discussing how big of a deal it is, who it’s likely to help and hurt, and whether or not Twitter unfairly censors conservative voices.

Then they turn to the latest in Russia’s war against Ukraine, including Russia cutting off gas supplies to Poland & Bulgaria, Russia’s increasing comments about a nuclear option, Biden’s latest Ukraine funding request, the resolve of the West to hold out in a long conflict, and whether or not it’s justifiable to liquidate the assets of Russian oligarchs and use them to provide funds for Ukraine.

They close the episode with a discussion of the Title 42 program of migrant expulsion, and whether a federal district court judge’s halt of the phase out of the program is justified, whether the program will be forced to continue, and what a better solution might look like.

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