Do Never-Trumpers Skew the Numbers? and other questions answered

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Do Never-Trumpers Skew the Numbers? and other questions

In this week of Ask the Politics Guys supporters ask Trey and Mike their most pressing questions. First they address the issue of if Trump’s support among Republicans is so high because never-Trump Republicans are leaving.

Next the Guys turn to a question about how alternative voting methods might effect the number of parties that exist, they also address the seeming impersonal nature of voting in a proportional representation system.

After that Trey and Mike respond to a more personal question and explain how they ended up as political scientists. Both connected in college, but fascinatingly Mike was Trey’s professor!

Next the Guys look to how tariffs will impact midwestern farm states in the upcoming midterms and, unfortunately, think it is unlikely to have an immediate impact.

Finally Trey and Mike talk about why the show has not addressed more of the polling and the horse race of the campaign yet.

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2 thoughts on “Do Never-Trumpers Skew the Numbers? and other questions answered”

  1. This week’s episode was mixed with part of the audio playing in one headphone and the other part in the other headphone. This makes the episode almost impossible to listen to on headphones for folks who are deaf in one ear. Please avoid this format for future episodes, if possible.

    Still, great episode, guys. Thank you!

    1. So sorry about that! Every once in a while we slip up in post-production and forget to mix the recording down to mono. As soon as the first person let me know, I fixed and re-uploaded it. If it happens again (which I’ll try to ensure won’t be the case) let me know and I’ll fix it so you don’t have to listen to an episode with that annoying ‘Mike in one ear, Trey or Jay in another. -Mike

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