Dr. Brad Spellberg on Solving The Great American Healthcare Rip-Off

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Mike talks with Dr. Brad Spellberg, chief medical officer at the Los Angeles County+ University of Southern California Medical Center and the associate dean for clinical affairs at the Keck School of Medicine at USC. Dr. Spellberg is also author of the recently released book Broken, Bankrupt, and Dying: How to Solve The Great American Healthcare Rip-Off which they discuss on this episode.

Topics Mike & Dr. Spellberg Cover Include:

  • the very unsystematic nature of the American healthcare ‘system’
  • how the US compares to other rich countries in healthcare access, cost, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • where all the money goes in US healthcare spending
  • the myth of lavishly overpaid US doctors
  • the problem with ‘fee for service’ medicine
  • medical bankruptcies
  • the Affordable Care Act
  • the importance of considering American culture in proposing healthcare ‘fixes’
  • market-oriented healthcare reform proposals
  • if progressives states like California can act on their own to reform healthcare

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