Fake News, Judicial Deference, Environmental Regulation, Abolishing ICE, Ideological Orthodoxy

In this listener comment episode, Mike and Jay get into:

  • If the media – Time magazine in particular – was fair in its photographic portrayal of President Trump’s immigration policy, and if Mike and Jay spend too much time on a media sideshow.
  • How much deference federal courts should give to administrative agencies.
  • Whether Jay thinks government regulations to prevent pollution are wise and necessary corrections for market failures.
  • A conservative case for abolishing ICE.
  • Mike, Jay, and ideological orthodoxy.

What Mike’s Reading

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3 thoughts on “Fake News, Judicial Deference, Environmental Regulation, Abolishing ICE, Ideological Orthodoxy”

  1. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for taking the time to respond, but Jay’s comments in this episode were pretty much exactly why I said you needn’t bother reading my comment on air.

    I expressed shock (in an admittedly over-long message) at the repeated way in which Jay uses rhetorical deflection and selective indignation to avoid speaking to the substance of an issue; Jay became selectively indignant and used rhetorical deflection to thoroughly avoid the issue once again.

    I would say that I regret using the term ‘atrocities’ in my comment – as that was what gave Jay the excuse to ignore the point I was making – but in its original context, I think it stands.

    Rather than actually address the substance of a contentious issue, Jay has spent the majority of his time aping outrage at the supposedly dangerous optics of one magazine using one picture to represent a story, disingenuously extrapolating that out to yet another sign of ‘left wing media bias’. It is just more distraction; a way of ignoring the subject at hand by quibbling with the footnotes.

    1. Right on, Bryan. Was giving them a shot to possibly get back to original form, but after this “listener question response” (aka Jay repeating his Fox talking points) I had to withdraw support. Was a good run for a while, but can find the same babbling ignorance on Twitter.

      1. Hi Tanner! Sorry to hear you’re withdrawing your support, but I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your having supported us in the past. I’m always looking for ways to improve the show and models of how we might do better. I know you mentioned that you could get what we’re doing on Twitter, but I was wondering if there were any podcasts you know of who are doing something similar to what we try to do (looking at the news each week from a liberal and conservative perspective) and, in your view, do a better job of it. This isn’t me trying to be snarky (really!) – I honestly am always looking for good models, room for improvement, and so on. Thanks!

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