Fed Rate Increase, Primaries and New Mexico, Trump’s Jan 6 Response, Senate Gun Bill, LGBTQI+ Executive Order

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Trey and Ken kick off the episode with a discussion of the Federal Reserve’s .75 percent rate increase. Ken doesn’t think it is deficit spending and is more related to war. Trey believes while war and COVID are contributing factors they are exasperated by current monetary policy. The pair also weigh in on the idea of greedflation.

Next the pair discuss the primaries in Main, North Dakota, Nevada and South Carolina. They also discuss the rule of law and the Couy Griffin in New Mexico not certifying the vote.

After that it is the most recent revelations concerning Pence with the January 6 Committee along with Trump’s twelve page response. Trey and Ken dive into both the questions of the modality of Trump’s response and the content. They also ask what the probable audience is for the hearings and response.

After that there is a brief update on the major issues facing gun compromise and Ken’s belief that Republican Senators, led by Mitch McConnell, are corrupt. Trey suggests that there are other readings of the impasse.

Finally Trey and Ken talk about Biden’s executive order on LGBTQI+ rights and what impact it is intended to have, and might pragmatically have, on states like Florida.

Trey’s Recommendation

The Invisible Kingdom: Reimagining Chronic Illness by Meghan O’Route

Ken’s Recommendation

Mountain Community Radio

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