Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal, Alito Revelations, Boebert’s Articles of impeachment, Florida Housing Ban

This week the conservatives, Trey and Jay, take over the show! They begin with the plea deal offered to Hunter Biden. Trey believes it shows that Hunter has engaged in a variety of bad dealings and the Biden’s should have stepped back from his support sooner. Jay goes a step further and things there may still be a smoking gun linking to President Biden.

Next, they turn to the recent ProPublica report on Justice Alito. Trey was disappointed in Justice Thomas and his clear violation of ethics laws. He went in expecting a bigger story, but he sees this as pretty much a big nothing. Jay agrees and doesn’t think the ethics disclosures matter much and didn’t think Justice Thomas crossed a line.

After that is a dive into Boebert’s articles of impeachment against President Biden. Neither Jay nor Trey think there is anything rising to an impeachable offense and Jay thinks it will do nothing but harm Republicans more generally.

They close the show with a discussion of the recent ban on the sale of real estate to Chinese people to go into effect on July 1 in Florida.

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2 thoughts on “Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal, Alito Revelations, Boebert’s Articles of impeachment, Florida Housing Ban”

  1. Is everything okay with Jay here?

    I’m genuinely not trying to be snarky or mean here just that Jay seems to be less on the ball or fairly unprepared with the whole Hunter Biden thing and just goes off on some weird conspiratorial theory about how the left get treated differently.

    I’m giving Jay the benefit that he misspeaks about the Navarro case rather than lies when he made the false statement the FBI put Navarro in leg shackles. Navarro himself has stated that that was not true and has admitted that it was not the FBI who put him in shackles but instead the US Marshals who placed them on him prior to his arrival at court. Why was he put in leg shackles? I’m not in support of it but I doubt it was something that was due to his politics. I wasn’t there but considering that Navarro has been on record for calling the officers involved in his arrest “Nazis” to their face it’s probably likely that the reason Navarro was shackled by US Marshals was because he might have made a statement to their faces that caused them to not be overly friendly to him. I would imagine if someone called an US Marshall a “Nazi” to their face they might be more willing to treat that person a lot more poorly and I think that’s probably reasonable to expect.

    Also I’m extremely confused why Jay is so willing to waive the issues involving Judge Thomas as being merely “unseemly” where he seems intensely focused on an email between Hunter and his colleagues on May 13, 2017 where there’s the mention of someone called “the big guy” as something that we need to investigate. Firstly, there’s no proof that that is a reference to Joe Biden. There is no proof of any money transfer between any of these parties and Joe Biden. But let’s say that this is a reference to Joe Biden – there’s also no clear understanding if Joe Biden was aware of his being any party to any dealing. If, and again we still haven’t established this so it’s still an if, Hunter Biden and hid colleagues were even using Joe Biden as a means of making money there’s no clear evidence provided to date that Joe Biden was even aware of this. It might have been that they were using him as a means of making deals without his awareness – if they were even doing that. But let’s suppose that Joe Biden was the big guy and was aware of being the big guy in these deals. Again, this email was sent on May 13, 2017. Joe Biden on May 13, 2017 was a private citizen. If people on May 13, 2017 wanted to do a business deal and give Joe Biden 10% of the deal what’s the big deal even if Joe Biden was in on the deal and aware of it??? He was a private citizen as of January 20, 2017. Mike Pence was the Vice President at the moment that email was sent and not Joe Biden. So I’m lost by anything Jay is saying. Why should there be any investigation into what multiple private citizens seemingly involved in a business transaction did to divvy up the proceeds of that business transaction unless there is some other crime involved? Why should a single dollar of public funds either through a congressional investigation or a federal investigation be used to investigate a private business transaction between multiple private citizens that doesn’t seem to have an ounce of illegality to it??? It just seems crazy to me that Jay would want the government to investigate the private business of a bunch of private citizens.

    Usually Jay knows his facts, understands the issues and actually engages in things with good faith. I typically don’t agree with many of his arguments because I think they have some major intellectual faults based around some cognitive dissonances on his part, but this time I genuinely felt like he spent this hour just spouting the sort of nonsense that you’d hear from the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert. Not sure why Jay isn’t taking a step back from things and approaching it from a rational point of view rather than falling into the traps of bad reasoning and essentially fantasizing about conspiracy issues that have no basis in reality. Not sure why he’s bringing up statements that are just mistruths that have no basis in reality – he really does need to get his facts right. But genuinely it’s sad to see someone with his level of intelligence fall into the traps that seem to be plaguing so many right wing thinkers today.

    1. I agree – on this issue, Jay seemed very off-base to me. I’m hoping that he and I can do a special midweek show segment on the issue, ideally as one of our listener-participation segments (which have been running nearly an hour long) which our $10 and up Patreon supporters can join in on. Thanks for the comment! – Mike

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