ICJ and Israel, British Elections, Presidential Primaries, Racial Gerrymandering

Trey & Ken start the show by delving into the International Court of Justice’s Friday ruling against Israel. Trey and Ken disagree over the scope of the decision as to whether it prohibits further offensive action. Ken believes the ICJ is offering wiggle room and Trey does not.

Staying overseas, the guys talk about the surprising call for snap elections in the United Kingdom. The hosts focus on the motivations behind this decision, especially given recent poll numbers for Conservatives, the potential outcomes, and the impact it could have on British politics.

Next, attention turns to the primary elections in Georgia, Oregon, and Kentucky along with the special election in California. The focus is primarily on the presidential election. Trey believes it points to a low turnout election and Ken is more optimistic.

In Supreme Court news, Trey and Ken finish the show over the landmark ruling on racial gerrymandering. Here Ken believes that Justice Alito is overtly racist and inconsistent. Trey pushes back hard and argues that Ken fundamentally misunderstands Alito’s ruling. They dive deep into the details of the decision. They also address the recent Alito flag controversy.

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