Israel and Hamas, House Speaker Fight

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Mike and Jay open with the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Jay gives President Biden credit for his response but argues that Biden’s words of sympathy for Palestinian civilians were ill-timed. They consider the larger issues involved – whether Gazans are rightfully angry with Israel, what Hamas wants and whether Israel is giving it to them, and if we’ll ever see a two-state solution – as well as responses by pro-Palestinian groups in the US and their doxing by conservative groups.

Then they turn to the Republicans’ inability to elect a Speaker of the House. Mike makes the case that candidate Jim Jordan represents much of what’s wrong with American politics. Jay doesn’t make a case for Jordan as Speaker, but he argues at this point anyone is better than no one. Mike agrees but wonders why the far more numerous House Republican moderates should have to give in to the smaller Freedom Caucus Republicans. They both predict there will be a Republican Speaker within the next few weeks and that the whole fracas won’t matter much to voters in November.

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