Israel, Sea Grain Initiative, Cash Bail, Election Maps, RFK Jr

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Trey & Ken start the show discussing Represenative Jayapal’s remarks on Israel. It includes a discussion of President Isaac Herzog’s speech. There is a historical overview of the modern Israeli state, along with a discussion of Palestine. Trey recognizes the inequality, but sees it coming from a historic battle for survival. Ken, while sympathetic, considers it apartheid.

Next is the ending of the Sea Grain Initiative by Russia. Trey points out that this grain is headed primarily for Turkey and China, indicating a potential additional fissure among these aligned countries. Ken agrees and both consider how this may have played into last week’s NATO meeting.

After that the pair discuss the Illinois Supreme Court’s ruling ending of cash bail. The discussion covers both the state law’s legality, but the guys also talk about the policy of bail in general. Ken suggests in a world with crowdfunding, bail has less meaning.

Then the guys cover the recent issue concerning the Georgia Congressional election map and speculate as to what might happen given the recent supreme court case of Allen v Milligan (2023).

Trey & Ken close the show discussing RFK’s testimony to Congress. Trey thinks RFK Jr represents a schism inside the Democratic Party that has not been noticed because of the tension in the Republican Party in the Trump era. Ken disagrees and sees RFK as effectively a sleeper agent for Republicans.

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