Jackson Confirmation, Russian War Crimes, Amazon Union, Title 42, GOP Insurrectionists

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Mike & Jay open the show with a discussion of the Supreme Court confirmation vote for Ketanji Brown Jackson. They focus on Mitt Romney’s flip from “no” vote on Jackson’s confirmation to the DC Circuit last summer to his “yes” vote on Supreme Court confirmation. Jay agrees with Romney’s assessment of Jackson and feels that the default should be to approve qualified nominees of the president, but he also argues that there’s a principled case to be made against Jackson serving on the Court.

That’s followed by a look at of the latest developments in Russia’s war against Ukraine, including new sanctions, whether Russia’s actions amount to genocide, if anyone will ever be held to account for Russian war crimes, and if Russia is an Evil Empire.

After that, Mike & Jay get into a number of domestic policy issues, including the first ever Amazon union in the United States, the Biden administration’s move to end Title 42 immigration expulsions and why almost all Republicans as well as some Democrats oppose it, plans to disqualify certain Republicans from office on the grounds that they’re insurrectionists, as well as listener questions & comments.

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