Jonathan Ward on The Decisive Decade in the US / China Relationship

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Mike talks with Dr. Jonathan Ward, an internationally recognized expert on Chinese global strategy and US-China competition. He has a Ph.D. in China-India relations from the University of Oxford, has consulted for the Department of Defense, and is the founder of the Atlas Organization, a strategic advisory group on US-China global competition for business and government. Dr. Ward is the author of China’s Vision of Victory, as well as the recently released book The Decisive Decade: American Grand Strategy for Triumph Over China, which Jonathan and Mike discuss in this episode.

Topics Covered Include:
– what makes this the decisive decade
– if it’s already too late to slow China’s advance
– why we should view China as an adversary
– if fears of Chinese dominance are overblown
– the Chinese economic and military threat
– what the US should be doing to counter China

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