Trump’s Federal Indictment, Voting Rights Act Upheld, Republican House Revolt, Mike Pence

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Trey & Ken begin the show with the breaking news of President Trump’s historic federal indictment. Although the story is unfolding, the guys look at what it means both legally and politically for Trump. They are in large agreement that it doesn’t change Trump’s likelihood of being nominated, but that it does decrease his ability to win the general election.

Next, they turn the the U.S. Supreme Court’s upholding of the Voting Rights Act in Alabama. Here Trey & Ken deeply disagree. Trey argues that Ken’s Supreme Court predictions have consistently failed because his rubric is wrong. He presses that a purely ideological, or attitudinal, model of the court has long been found lacking in the scholarly community. Ken counters that his underlying model is still sound and that the court is by that measure corrupt.

After that is a dive into the U.S. House of Representatives being effectively shut down. The pair discuss what led to the shutdown and the impact it may have on McCarthy’s speakership. Trey argues that there are upsides to outsider voices being heard and government being tightly split. Ken agrees in theory, but argues that Republicans are too extreme for the benefits of this kind of government.

They close the show with a discussion of Mike Pence. Here Trey offers a unique insight into not only why Pence is running, but why he can’t win: the demographics of not just the United States but of the Republican Party have changed. Religiosity is no longer key.

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