Kristin & Mike Take a Test

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Now for something a little different and fun – Mike and Kristin take a test! Before they take the Pew Research Center’s Political Typology Quiz, Kristin responds to a question from listener Martin about why she plans to vote for President Trump in 2020.

After that, Mike and Kristin get right down to business and take the test, which consists of choosing between a series of two statements on a variety of issues. They discuss the binary nature of the test and both feel that it’s important to choose the statement that is closer to their beliefs. They run into trouble with a few questions and the phrasing, but have a great time discussing each and challenging each other’s positions along the way.

To hear the results, where each host fell on the ideology scale, and to take the test right along with them, be sure to tune in until the end!

One thought on “Kristin & Mike Take a Test”

  1. Yikes! Had to stop this one 15 min in. First Kristin saying that she wants to pack courts with non activist judges, does she truly believe judicial activism on the right? Clarence Thomas?
    Also, saying the government can’t afford to go further into debt to help the needy, yet her party just dug a fat hole to go deeper into debt to help the ultra rich with the tax cuts? So it’s fine to go further into debt when it comes to helping out the rich? But not okay to help those in need?

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