Law & Order, CDC Eviction Moratorium, Vaccine by Nov 1?, Trump vs WHO on Vaccine Program

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On this week’s show, Mike and Kristin tackle some major issues facing the country – and voters – right now. They weigh in on the issue of law and order, protests and riots taking place, and whether voters will be swayed by statements made by the Trump and Biden campaigns to address the violence. They also unpack some COVID policy issues, including the Trump Administration’s CDC moratorium on evictions, as well as the possibility of a vaccine by Nov. 1 and the Trump Administration’s withdrawal from the WHO’s vaccine efforts.

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Alone (TV series)

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One thought on “Law & Order, CDC Eviction Moratorium, Vaccine by Nov 1?, Trump vs WHO on Vaccine Program”

  1. I find it almost unbelievable that a physician would tell Kristen that the “FDA would not approve [a treatment] that isn’t safe.” And that Kristen would find such a comment reassuring. WHAT? And I say this as someone who believes that the FDA plays an important role in regulating food and medications – but, WHAT? Even if the DES and thalidomide stories have faded into history – except for those who are still coping with birth defects and reproductive issues – it doesn’t take much searching to find lists of drugs that have been pulled from the market because of safety issues, despite previous FDA approval. Operation Warp Speed can warp on without me. I will stick with washing hands, wearing a mask, and keep myself to myself.

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