Legislative Bonanza, Monkeypox Response

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After opening with an update on the Brittney Greiner situation, Mike and Jay discuss the big week of legislative activity. They start by discussing the “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022”, aka “Baby Build Back Better” (Mike’s hoping that name sticks, though don’t hold your breath). Mike is a big fan, while Jay isn’t nearly as comfortable as Mike (or Joe Manchin) with the tax hikes that not only pay for the climate spending but make it a significant money raiser for the government.

Then they move into the CHIPs Act, the rare major legislation that has attracted bipartisan support. Mike and Jay are on board too, though Mike would like to see it bigger to better compete with China, Taiwan, and South Korea, whereas Jay would have been more comfortable with a pared-down version of the bill.

After that they discuss another bipartisan measure – the Respect for Marriage Act, which recently passed the House with 47 Republican votes. Mike thinks it’s a good idea given his view of the precariousness of the constitutional protection for same-sex marriage. Jay doesn’t think that any state will be willing to run the risk of instituting a same-sex marriage ban, and so sees the legislation as addressing a problem that’s not likely to exist.

They close with a discussion of Monkeypox. Mike argues that it’s yet another public health failing, and that not enough is being done to contain the spread. Jay is more concerned with government overreach and believes that existing funding can be repurposed to deal with this outbreak.

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