Mail Bombs, the Caravan, INF Withdrawal, and Voter Suppression in Georgia

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On this week’s show, Will and Mike begin by discussing the mail bombs sent by Cesar Sayoc to Trump political enemies. Mike points out that these events are symptomatic of the current political environment in which politics is a blood sport. Will agrees with concerns about how political rhetoric can be taken to extremes but does not believe Trump will see himself as at fault—nor should he. Both Mike and Will see merit in Trump’s assertion that the media has some role in the current environment.

Looking at the immigration caravan from Honduras, Mike is disturbed by Trump’s characterization of the group as being full of criminals and terrorists. Will, on the other hand, is most worried by the idea of a collective group mounting what could be perceived as an invasion. Both Mike and Will find fault in policies and spending priorities related to immigration and note that this could impact the margins with certain midterm elections.

Regarding Trump’s announcement that the U.S. would withdraw from the INF treaty, both Mike and Will believe that this is a valid decision given Russia’s blatant disregard for adhering to the standards held within. Mike is concerned with the potential spillover to the new START treaty, whereas Will believes this action should dispel some concerns over Trump’s alleged ties to Putin and Russia.

Lastly, Will and Mike discuss the court ruling barring Georgia from throwing out absentee ballots for signatures not matching voter registration. While Mike believes that this will help to ensure a legitimate process, Will believes the stipulations set forth in the ruling will prove to be a difficult bureaucratic process for local officials and will introduce a new series of questions.

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