Midterm Elections, Voters, and the 14th Amendment

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Trey is joined by Ken this week and the duo tackle the upcoming midterms. They begin by looking at the major Senate races in play, specifically Florida and Texas. Then Trey and Ken turn to the House where they use some quick math to demonstrate the Democrats likelihood of winning a slight majority.

Trey and Ken then tackle the question of what happens next. What does the world look like after the midterm elections? Ken suggests Pelosi will remain speaker, but Trey thinks this will hurt democrats chances of challenging Trump. They also discuss the possibility of what Mueller is doing and how quickly that will appear after the election.

Things get exciting as Trey and Ken discuss the 14th Amendment. President Trump suggested he could undo birthright citizenship via executive order. Ken explains the standing law and questions the radical nature of conservative justices. Trey pushes back that liberal justices are originalists when it suits them and that there is no evidence how the court will yet rule.

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