Military Force, Healthcare Workers, Does Jay Respect Young People?, Thoughts on Burke, Flip-Flopping

In this listener mail episode of The Politics Guys, Mike and Jay respond to listener questions including:

Why Congress gives the president so much power in authorizations for use of military force.

The lack of attention both Mike and Jay have paid to working conditions to healthcare workers, and how those conditions affect patients.

Why Jay seems so dismissive of young people’s protests.

What Jay (and Mike) mean when they call themselves ‘Burkean’

Why political flip-flopping gets such a bad name.

Show Notes
Nuclear Jenga – in a Bouncy Castle. Jesse Lawler
Great Thinkers: Edmund Burke

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2 thoughts on “Military Force, Healthcare Workers, Does Jay Respect Young People?, Thoughts on Burke, Flip-Flopping”

  1. Hi Guys – I have been listening to your show since I stumbled across it during the Presidential election campaign when I was looking for something to explain how you guys had managed to select two candidates that each seemed to be completely replant to a large proportion of the electorate. I’m not sure that you have quite achieved that but your approach and discussions are an excellent antidote to usual diet of partisan shouting available elsewhere.

    One of your corespondents asked in your last podcast if there is anything approximately equivalent to what you do in the UK. While there is nothing that directly reads across there is a good podcast and site called UnHerd at that tries to do non partisan, or at least balanced, thoughtful deep dive writing and discussion. Its weekly podcast features a well known (at least in political circles) conservative journalist and a former senior adviser to that last Labour Government. It is available from the website or by searching ‘UnHerd’ from your usual podcast search engine.

    If you ever need to know anything about the often strange, eccentric, or just downright weird, world of British politics and elections feel free to drop me a line at the email address below.


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