NATO, Sotomayor, Thomas, Inflation

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Trey & Ken admit to taking over the show! After that they get started more seriously with a look at the NATO summit in Lithuania. The two main points of discussion are Turkey, as it relates to Swedish membership, and NATO’s relationship to Ukraine. They also discuss the decision to send cluster bombs to Ukraine.

Next it is on to a pair of related stories: Justices Sotomayor and Thomas. Here Trey outlines the AP’s findings into the use of staff to promote Sotomayor’s books in comparison to other justices book writing. The pair discuss what, if anything, this means ethically. Then it is a discussion of the new revelations about Justice Thomas as it relates to payments via Venmo and activities when he first came on the court.

Trey & Ken close the show with an overview of June’s inflation data. This includes Trey noting that he was right in his long term inflation prediction and he makes additional predictions for the near term: specifically that there will be inflation variability over the course of the next few months. They also posit what this means for Biden, with both largely agreeing that it will not benefit Biden given that real wages are still depressed and any relief from inflation will not happen as soon as those numbers drop.

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