Nuclear Armageddon, China Chip Ban, Pot Pardons, Trump Search, Judicial Corruption

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Mike & Jay open the show with a few updates followed by a discussion of President Biden’s comment that. “We’ve not faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis”. The guys agree that while this may be technically true, it wasn’t the most politically astute thing for Biden to say, and it’s yet another example of his penchant for less than helpful public statements.

Next they consider the recent Biden administration ban of advanced computer chip technology to China. While Mike & Jay favor free trade as a default, in this instance they feel the administration made a wise decision.

Following that, it’s a look at Biden’s mass pardon of everyone convicted on federal marijuana possession charges. Once again, the guys are in agreement that this was a good thing to do. They get into a broader discussion of pot legalization where they express some concerns over the move to legalize it in the absence of a solid body of research on the long-term effects of marijuana use.

After that, they turn to the latest developments on the documents seized by the government in the search of Donald Trump’s home and office. Jay explains the legal technicalities, and both Mike and Jay conclude that even if the Supreme Court gives Trump what he wants, it will ultimately be a delay that probably won’t have a major effect on the outcome of the investigation.

They close by discussing the state of the federal judiciary as the Supreme Court starts up its new term. The focus is on corruption – why Ken regularly uses the term to describe actions of various conservative judges, what he means by the term, why Jay takes issue with that usage, and how bias and motivated reasoning are inherent parts of any human decision-making process.

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