Nord Stream Sabotage, Russian Annexation, Special Master Overruled, McConnell, Old Joe

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Trey opens the episode with a brief tribute to the passing of Coolio before Trey & Ken start the episode with the recent sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines. Relatedly they discuss Russia’s recent annexation of parts of Ukraine and what political or military changes that might bring.

Next, they discuss Judge Cannon’s overruling of special master Dearie. Ken explains why he was wrong about the appointment and the legal oddities of arguing for executive branch privilege against the executive branch.

Then it’s a discussion of McConnell’s support for the Electoral Count Act. The guys discuss the differences between the Senate and House version of the bills and why McConnell has decided to agree to legislation on the issue after Jan 6.

They close the show with a discussion of Joe Biden’s age in regards to his Jackie Walorski comments and the White House followup. Trey argues that there is eventually a reason for individuals to age out of the executive office while Ken argues a dead Democrat is better than a live Republican.

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