PG 104: Shootings, Sessions, Cuba, and the Federal Reserve

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Mike and Trey start this week with the tragic shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise by James Hodgkinson and the unfortunate political communications uproar in its aftermath. Both Mike and Trey worry that democracy may be losing a pillar when demonization is the new normal.

After that they talk about the rollback of Obama’s Cuba opening. Trump is returning to an older policy of restrictions, although his rhetoric is more drastic than his actual changes.

Later Mike and Trey discuss the Sessions testimony and the Federal Reserve’s rate hike. Finally they end the show with what they;re reading now and the unlikely truth that both Trey and Mike love Roberts’ Napoleon biography.

What Mike’s Reading
Yes, Congress is getting less smart. No it’s not Trump’s fault. Max Enrenfreund

What Trey’s Reading
Napoleon, A Life. Andrew Roberts

4 thoughts on “PG 104: Shootings, Sessions, Cuba, and the Federal Reserve”

  1. Despite a general emotional aversion to the Cuban regime on account of personal hostories, can you explain more in-depth why so many Cuban floridians (along with Rubio and other politicians) are so opposed to normalized relations?

    Also, can you explain the seemingly staunch resistance by Jeff Sessions and others to invoke executive privledge when refusing to discuss conversations with the president? What are the implications of doing so, that they seem to be strategically trying to avoid?
    Thank you! Love the show! Listen religiously. Keep up the thoughtful and nuanced work!

    1. Great questions! I’m going to put them in the queue so that Jay and I can talk about them on an upcoming show. – Mike

  2. I, too, have become more and more concerned about the demonization of those with whom we have differing opinions, and I appreciate that Mike has brought up this point several times on recent shows. I don’t see how we pull back from this brink but I appreciate that your show is a step in the right direction.

    Also, I could hear Trey quite clearly on this episode, but I thought Mike’s sound quality was below average and sometimes distorted. Just FYI.

    1. Hi Jennifer – thanks for taking the time to comment. We had some audio issues, and while I thought I uploaded a cleaned-up version of the show soon enough that nobody would get the ‘fuzzy’ one, I guess not, Sorry about that. – Mike

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