PG101: Trump’s Travels, Fantastical Budgets, SCOTUS on Redistricting

This week’s show opens with Mike and Jay talking about something they won’t be covering – the continuing drip, drip, drip of Trump scandal leaks. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t concerned with the serious allegations that have been raised (especially true in Mike’s case) but that the leaks don’t tell us much of anything. For the most part, they’re going to hold off until there’s substantive news on the leak investigations, as opposed to juicy tidbits leaked from anonymous sources.

After that, Mike and Jay talk about what President Trump accomplished on his first foreign trip, and whether he was right to downplay human rights in Saudi Arabia and push NATO allies to pay up.

They also take a look at a recent Supreme Court decision on redistricting, in which the very conservative Justice Thomas sided with the Court’s liberals. There’s a reason why that happened, and Mike and Jay discuss it, as well as the bigger picture of redistricting challenges over the last few years.

What Mike’s Reading (and listening to) This Week:
The Daily Standard Podcast
Profile of Secretary of Defense James Mattis

What Jay’s Reading This Week:
Why History Will Repay Your Love. Peggy Noonan (WSJ – paywall)
The American Spirit. David McCullough

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