PG110: The Senate Skinny Bill Fails, Scaramucci Unloads, & the Senate Russian Sanctions

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This week Trey and Jay team up to take on a fast moving week in the world of politics! We start with the McCain and company torpedoing the so-called skinny bill in the Senate. It looks like Republicans are having a tough time passing legislation and both Trey and Jay agree that with any other Republican president the legislation would have passed. Then we turn to the profanity laced Anthony Scaramucci interview and Twitter fallout. It seems like the Twitter stream of consciousness is the new normal in the Trump White House – as Matt Drudge put it: “Priebus Out, General In.” Finally we move to talking about how Mitt Romney was right about Russia and the Senate’s sanctions on Russia plus the Russian response.

Trey’s Recommendation This Week:
– This War of Mine (Video Game)

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2 thoughts on “PG110: The Senate Skinny Bill Fails, Scaramucci Unloads, & the Senate Russian Sanctions”

  1. Can you tell me the name of the woman and the piece she wrote that you mention near the end of the cast? You say it’s like spy fiction and a little unbelievable, about the Steele dossier. I had to turn off my phone as I got to work and didn’t catch the title.

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