PG113: Charlottesville (again), Bannon’s Out, and the Rise of Hope Hicks

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This week’s show starts by examining Trump’s ever changing statement on Charlottesville, VA. Trump would end up setting a more measured tone renouncing Neo-Nazi’s and other hate groups, but then on Tuesday Trump became combative with reporters and argued there are two sides to the story, specifically calling out the “alt-left.” The shift has seemingly shaken the White House as Trump goes off message again.

Next, we look specifically at the ever evolving White House. This week it is the exit of Bannon. Early Friday news broke that Bannon had mutually agreed to leave, but that afternoon it became clear that Trump had asked him to step down. By late Friday reports emerged that Bannon would be returning to Breitbart. We talk generally about the White House churn and, specifically, what a “freed” Bannon means both for the news cycle and the White House.

After that the Guys discuss Hope Hicks, the 28 year old interim communications director. We also respond to some listener mail.

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