PG132: Korea Talks, Iran Protests, DOJ on Marijuana, Wolff’s Book and Offshore Drilling

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In our first show of 2018 Mike and Trey look at what they thought would be a quiet week in the news that quickly exploded. First they look at the unexpected offer by Kim Jong Un to talks between North and South Korea. Then the hosts turn their attention to the emergence of protests in Iran and look at the similarities and differences between the 2009 and 2018 protests. After this weeks foreign policy questions are finished Trey and Mike discuss domestic policy beginning with Session’s DOJ memo on marijuana. They briefly discuss the more substantive outcomes of Michael Wolff’s upcoming book on the Trump White House before turning their attention to changes to offshore drilling.

Mike’s Recommended ReadingNational Review: ‘Can America Survive as a Post-Christian Nation?

Trey’s Recommended Reading: The Storm Before the Storm

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