PG30: Syrian Refugees, Fighting ISIS, Trump’s Latest Brainstorm, Frankenfish, Hillary’s Sense of Humor

This week, the Politics Guys lead off with the effort to halt the admission of Syrian refugees into the US. Both Jay and Mike believe that the US has a moral obligation to take in refugees and that the media has done its usual awful job explaining how the current process works. Donald Trump made news by suggesting that we should register all Muslims in the US, an idea that both Jay and Mike find not just stupid, but deeply offensive (in other words, typical Trump).The Guys also look at combating ISIS in the wake of calls from Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton to increase our military presence in Syria. On the domestic front, Jay and Mike discuss the first GMO animal product approved for human consumption, a legislative race in Mississippi decided by drawing straws, and Hillary Clinton’s sense of humor (or lack thereof).

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