PG68: Terror Attacks, Police Shootings, and A Whole Lotta’ Trump

Jay had some technical difficulties and wasn’t able to record this show, so Mike is joined by his friend and Cincinnati area attorney Dominique Wagner. They talked about the ‘lone wolf’ terror attacks in Minnesota and New York, how differently Tulsa and Charlotte handled their police shooting incidents, Donald Trump’s stand on ‘stop and frisk’ as well as some problems with his foundation, and the current state of the presidential race.

4 thoughts on “PG68: Terror Attacks, Police Shootings, and A Whole Lotta’ Trump”

  1. Ok….i must not be that bright but I love your podcast and decided to write a review on itunes and cannot figure out where or how. Sorry but i am an avid listener…..would prob donate a little $$ if i could figure out how…..sorry.

    1. Hi Theresa,

      Thanks for being a loyal listener! If you’re not listening on iTunes, it can be tricky to write a review, I’m told. How it should work is that clicking on the iTunes link on our site should take you to a webpage with an option to ‘open in iTunes’. When you do that, you’ll have the option to write a review. But if you don’t have iTunes installed on your device, I’m not sure that works at all. (Why Apple makes it so difficult, I have no idea.)

      Thanks also for your interest in potentially donating to the show. To do that via credit card should be as easy as clicking on the Pay Pal link on our site. But if that’s giving you issues – which it occasionally does for some people – or you’re just not super comfortable with electronic payments – you can write us an old-school paper check, which is something previous listeners have done. If you’d like to do that, email us at and we’ll give you a mailing address. And again, thanks so much for listening! – Mike

  2. Imagine my surprise when I heard that there would be a third host on the podcast. I wonder why the podcast is going in this direction? The 2 person format really works.
    The only reason I can think of is that Mike’s arguments are weak tea and he gets rolled over by Jay every episode and he needs another host who is of the left to stop him looking like such a fool.

    1. There are a couple of reasons we’re thinking of moving to three people. First, we’d like to get a non-middle-aged white male perspective on the show. Second, as the show as been growing and the workload has increased, we’re hitting a breaking point and having a third person to help out with show prep (the story intros and such I do each week), marketing & promotion, and interviews will make it possible for us to keep the show going in the longer term. Both Jay and I agree that, even so, we won’t do anything that appears to affect the dynamic and chemistry of the show in the negative. This most recent show was an aberration, as Jay had some last-minute technical issues and couldn’t call in. We both think it’s very important to ensure we maintain a balance between liberal and conservative views, which is what we founded the show on. Though maybe you’re right, and I could use some help in taking on Jay. I want to at least make him feel like he has to struggle a bit to carry the day. 🙂 – Mike

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